Aim of the project is to re-establish the active raised bog habitats and site hydrology in the areas that are influenced by drainage and to protect the raised bog habitats, plants and animals of European and Latvian importance.


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D3 Elaboration and publishing of information booklets and boards.


Author: Māra Pakalne


Project booklet was printed in spring 2010. The project site information boards and leaflets were prepared in 2011.


Information board in Melnais Lake Mire
Author: Persijs Ģederts



Information board about Rožu Mire in Sala municipality
Author: Gunārs Balodis



Information board about Aklais Mire in Daudzese
Author: Aivars Slišāns



Information board in Aizkraukle Mire
Author: Gunārs Balodis


Information boards are easily accessed by main state highways (see maps attached below). See the electronic version of all information boards and booklets below.

Attached images

Attached files

Booklet - Melnais Lake Mire
Melnais Lake Mire - Information Board
Booklet - Rožu Mire
Rožu Mire - Information Board
Aklais Mire - Booklet
Aklais Mire - Information Board
Booklet - Aizkraukle Mire and Forests
Aizkraukle Mire and Forests - Information Board
Project Leaflet



Finansed by

Raised Bogs – LIFE08 NAT/LV/000449

Project duration: 01.02.2010.- 31.08.2013.
Funding: European Commission LIFE+ programme
Beneficiary: University of Latvia
Partners: Latvian Fund for Nature, Foundation ELM MEDIA
Co-funding: Ministry of the Environment of Latvia, Ltd. Rīgas meži

Project film "Mires Uncovered"





Exhibition "Secrets of Mires" is traveling around! It is made by Ogre Photo Club.