Aim of the project is to re-establish the active raised bog habitats and site hydrology in the areas that are influenced by drainage and to protect the raised bog habitats, plants and animals of European and Latvian importance.

Field studies completed in the LIFE project sites /15/09/2010/


Management plans are elaborated for 4 nature reserves – Aizkraukle Mire and Forests, Aklais Mire, Melnais Lake and Rožu Mires. Field studies were carried out by experts from various fields.

First Steering Group Meetings for Nature Management Plans /15/09/2010/


First Steering Group Meetings for Project's sites Nature Management Plans will be organised.

First Steering Group Meeting /31/08/2010/


On August 19th, 2010 in Olaine Art and History Museum the first meeting of the project Steering Group of the EC LIFE project 08 LIFE NAT/LV/000449 “Restoration of Raised Bog Habitats in the Especially Protected Nature Areas of Latvia” was held. In total 21 participants attended the meeting, representing stakeholders, project associated beneficiaries, co-financers and project experts. The meeting of the project Steering Group was opened by Vija Buša from the Ministry of Environment, Department of Nature Protection.

Field trip with Elm Media /19/08/2010/

On August 10th to 12th, 2010 the project team together with foundation Elm Media who is shooting a film about the project went on a field expedition to the Rožu and Aklais Mires Nature Reserves. They project sites were visited and interviews taken from the local inhabitants living next to mires. Project team – project manager Mara Pakalne, project assistant Aivars Slišāns and field manager Gunārs Balodis, experts for Aklais Mire Nature Reserve Nature including the coordinator of management plan Jānis Reihmanis and habitat expert Uvis Suško participated in the field trip.

Field Symposium of the International Mire Conservation Group in Slovakia and Poland /10/08/2010/


From July 5-17 in Slovakia and Poland the field Symposium and the conference of the International Mire Conservation Group ( was held. There were over 40 participants from 18 countries, including European countries - Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Estonia and Latvia as well as Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Malaysia. The field symposium included visits to more than 20 mires in Slovakia and Poland that comprise spring mires, transitional mires and bogs, as well as wet meadows. Field discussions were devoted to mire conservation and management problems. The sites include rare and protected plant and animal species. Special attention was paid to fens and spring mires - the habitat that is protected both in European countries and in Latvia.

Interview with Uvis Suško in Newspaper “Staburags” /06/08/2010/


On July 30th after discussions with the plant and habitat expert Uvis Suško journalist Indulis Burka writes an article about the project in the newspaper “Staburags”.

Steering Group Meeting /04/08/2010/


Steering group meeting of the LIFE 08 NAT/LV/000449 EC LIFE project "Restoration of Raised Bog Habitats in the Especially Protected Nature Areas of Latvia" will take place on August 19th in Olaine Museum of History and Art, Zemgale Street 33, Olaine.

Newspaper in Germany Writes about Latvian Visit /26/07/2010/


On July 1st in a newspaper in Germany there was an article about the project's expierence exchange trip.

About Mire Biodiversity on the Radio /26/07/2010/


On 29th June the project manager Mara Pakalne and project invertebrate expert Voldemars Spuņģis told about the diversity of the natural bogs in program "Zināmais nezināmajā" at 14:05.

Wetland Management in Germany /20/07/2010/


In June 2010 the team of the EC LIFE project "Restoration of Raised Bog Habitats in the Especially Protected Nature Areas of Latvia" visited the peatlands in Germany (Lower Saxony and Bavaria) where the restoration of raised bogs was carried out in the frame of the EC financed LIFE projects. Several decades ago raised bogs were more widespread in Germany. Due to the increase of industrial peat extraction, most of the bogs were damaged or destroyed.

Nature Management Plan Meetings /15/07/2010/


In June the rest of nature protection plan meetings were held.

On 3rd June in Olaine History and Art Museum the Nature Reserve "Melnais Lake Mire" meeting was held by plan manager Valda Baroniņa.

Gundega Freimane on 21st June in Sala Municipality House of Culture organised meeting for nature management plan for Nature Reserve "Rožu Mire". On the same day the informative meeting for Nature Reserve "Aklais Mire" in Daudzese. Nature conservation plan manager is Jānis Reihmanis.

Photos from the meetings: Olaine, Sala and Daudzese.

Aizkraukle Mire and Forests - Nature Management Plan First Meeting /01/06/2010/


Latvian Fund for Nature will develop nature management plans for all four project sites.

The first informative seminar was held in Aizkraukle on May 26th. M.Pakalne introduced everyone about the project. Nature management plan manager Valda Baroniņa presented nature values found in the reserve. Nature Protection Board representative explained the process of nature management plan development. The meeting was attended by 15 people.

Nature Management Plans' Informative Meeting /20/05/2010/


Project partner Latvian Fund for Nature is in charge of the project site nature management plans. Starting work on the plans meetings will be organized.

Plant Protection Day /20/05/2010/


On May 19th in Botanical Garden of University of Latvia Plant Protection Day activities were held. Project stuff introduced with Latvian bogs, showing Sphagnum moss, peat from four meters depth from bog ang slow-growing trees in the bogs.

First Project Seminar - Introduction to the Project /06/05/2010/


On March 29th the project was presented in Viesīte Municipality House. 26 persons were present. The project leader Māra Pakalne introduced everyone with the project "Restoration of Raised Bog Habitats in the Especially Protected Nature Areas of Latvia" financed by EC LIFE+ Program. After short presentation she showed a film „Life in the Bog". After that the presentation about the Project was continued. Pakalne told about planned activities during the Project. Afterwards a presentation about planned activities in public awareness was presented by Daiga Brakmane. Then everyone was invited to watch a film „The Story about Bogs" made by ELM MEDIA.

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Raised Bogs – LIFE08 NAT/LV/000449

Project duration: 01.02.2010.- 31.08.2013.
Funding: European Commission LIFE+ programme
Beneficiary: University of Latvia
Partners: Latvian Fund for Nature, Foundation ELM MEDIA
Co-funding: Ministry of the Environment of Latvia, Ltd. Rīgas meži

Project film "Mires Uncovered"




Exhibition "Secrets of Mires" is traveling around! It is made by Ogre Photo Club.