Aim of the project is to re-establish the active raised bog habitats and site hydrology in the areas that are influenced by drainage and to protect the raised bog habitats, plants and animals of European and Latvian importance.

First Steering Group Meeting 31/08/2010 00:00

On August 19th, 2010 in Olaine Art and History Museum the first meeting of the project Steering Group of the EC LIFE project 08 LIFE NAT/LV/000449 “Restoration of Raised Bog Habitats in the Especially Protected Nature Areas of Latvia” was held. In total 21 participants attended the meeting, representing stakeholders, project associated beneficiaries, co-financers and project experts. The meeting of the project Steering Group was opened by Vija Buša from the Ministry of Environment, Department of Nature Protection.



At the start of the meeting the project manager Māra Pakalne informed about the results in LIFE project "Restoration of Raised Bog Habitats in the Especially Protected Nature Areas of Latvia" – field studies in the project sites, study trip to the LIFE project areas in Germany (Lower Saxony and Bavaria) and participation in the symposium of the International Mire Conservation Group in Slovakia and Poland, as well as planned activities of the project.

Aija Dēliņa – a project hydrologist told about the hydrological studies in the project sites and the planned management activities – raising of water level in the drained areas of the project sites.

Latvian Fund for Nature was represented by Valda Baroniņa who is the coordinator for Melnais Lake Mire and Aizkraukle Mire and Forests Nature Management Plans. She informed that field studies in all the project sites are completed and management plan coordinators are summarizing information for the management plans.

Project Information Coordinator Daiga Brakmane informed about the home page of the project as well about the booklet and presented further public activities for the project: seminars, exhibition, booklets, information boards and book.

Representatives from ELM MEDIA film studio Kaspars Goba and Ieva Ūbele presented the ideas for project film – shooting of the film is going on, film scenario is elaborated innovative technical solutions even using a digital camera macro filming are planned.

Project Finance Assistant Aivars Slišāns informed about the project financial situation – project incomes and expenditures are as planned in the project.
At the closing of the meeting V.Buša was interested about the future meetings of the Steering Group. Project Manager M.Pakalne informed that the Steering Group Meetings are planned every 6 months during the project and it is also possible to attend other project activities such as seminars.
Meeting presentations (in Latvian):

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Public Awareness Activities in Project
Author: Daiga Brakmane
Hidrological Studies in Project Areas
Author: Aija Dēliņa

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Steering Group First Meeting



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Raised Bogs – LIFE08 NAT/LV/000449

Project duration: 01.02.2010.- 31.08.2013.
Funding: European Commission LIFE+ programme
Beneficiary: University of Latvia
Partners: Latvian Fund for Nature, Foundation ELM MEDIA
Co-funding: Ministry of the Environment of Latvia, Ltd. Rīgas meži

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