Aim of the project is to re-establish the active raised bog habitats and site hydrology in the areas that are influenced by drainage and to protect the raised bog habitats, plants and animals of European and Latvian importance.

Stories about bogs for teachers, children and during Science Night 27/09/2011 08:58

During last week several events where LIFE+ project "Raised Bogs" team was telling abot values of raised bogs. On September 22nd additional project seminar for teachers was held in Daudzese. On September 23rd - fourth seminar of the project "Education of schoolchildren on raised bog values" for schoolchildren. In the evening of September 23rd the Science Night took place in the Botanical Garden of University of Latvia (LU BD).

In the afternoon of September 22nd in Daudzese village seminar for teachers with 30 participants took place. Teachers from near and Riga attended to get to know raised bogs better. Dr.biol. Māra Pakalne told about Latvian bogs. Nature experts Uvis Suško and Valda Baroniņa from Latvian Fund for Nature explained nature values in two nature Reserves and Natura 2000 sites Aklais Mire and Aizkraukles Mire and Forests. Dr.biol. Iluta Dauškane told about dendrochronology and Dr.geol. Aija Dēliņa - about hidro-geological studies in mires from University of Latvia. After theoretical part everyone went on excursion to Aklais Mire. It was possible to take a walk in the bog and see typical raised bog plants, take samples from trees and peat till the dark.


Teachers' Seminar in Aklais Mire
Author: Daiga Brakmane


Next day, September 23rd, there was fourth project seminar for Daudzese Elementary School children "Education of schoolchildren on raised bog values" for 36 participants. Together with nature experts it was possible to get to know raised bog plants and animals as well as value of dendrochronology. Seminar was attended by children of different ages. They were active and answered the questions. After watching the film about raised bogs all went to see Aklais Mire to learn plants growing in the bog.

In the evening of September 23rd Science Night took place in LU BD. Dr.biol. Māra Pakalne told about raised bogs during the Science Night. It was possible to see sphagnum in magnifier. There was a small mashroom hiding between sphagnum.

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Bogs in Latvia
For Teachers
Author: Māra Pakalne
Aizkraukle Mire and Forests
For Teachers
Author: Valda Baroniņa
Aklais Mire
For Teachers
Author: Uvis Suško
For Teachers
Author: Iluta Dauškane
For Teachers
Author: Aija Dēliņa
Bogs in Latvia
For Children
Author: Māra Pakalne
Trees in Bogs
For Children
Author: Iluta Daukšane
Bog Checklist
Author: Daiga Brakmane

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Teachers learning about bogs in Aklais Mire

Children's Seminar in Aklais Mire

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Project duration: 01.02.2010.- 31.08.2013.
Funding: European Commission LIFE+ programme
Beneficiary: University of Latvia
Partners: Latvian Fund for Nature, Foundation ELM MEDIA
Co-funding: Ministry of the Environment of Latvia, Ltd. Rīgas meži

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