Aim of the project is to re-establish the active raised bog habitats and site hydrology in the areas that are influenced by drainage and to protect the raised bog habitats, plants and animals of European and Latvian importance.

The International Seminar is completed 31/07/2012 10:12




From July 23 until July 25 within the EC LIFE Project, the University of Latvia organised an International Seminar „Sharing experience on Raised Bog Restoration”.

The seminar was attended by participants from different countries: France, Germany, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, as well as colleagues from Latvia.

On the first day of the Seminar at hotel „Park Hotel Maritim” the guests presented their papers about bog restoration in their countries; guests from Norway - Johannes Erik Annoby and Anders Lyngstad talked about diversity of Norwegian bogs and activities on raised bog conservation, colleagues from Lithuania Leonas Jarašius, Dr. Romas Pakalnis, Dr. Jūrate Sendzikaite presented a paper about improvement of hydrological condition in Aukstumala Mire and plant cover restoration in the post-mined areas, Dr. Olga Galanina from Russia told about spring mires in Pechory district.



The participants with great interest listened to the papers about conservation and restoration of mires in the Ķemeri National Park, which were presented by Jānis Ķuze, Dr. geogr. Agnese Priede, Ilze Ķuze from EC LIFE+ Project „Hydroplan”. There were also a number of presentations about the studies and raised bog management actions in the EC LIFE Project „Raised Bogs”  by  Dr. biol. Māra Pakalne, Dr. ģeogr. Laimdota Kalniņa, Dr. geol. Aija Dēliņa and Uvis Suško. Students from the University of Latvia presented posters which were very well received from other participants. 

After the presentations, participants visited Melnais Lake Mire Nature Reserve raised bog restoration area where in 2012 peat dams were built on the drainage ditches and the process of re-establishment of site hydrology and habitats has started as water level has been raised.  

On July 24 and 25, the participants went to Rožu Mire Nature Reserve, Aklais Mire Nature Reserve and Vasenieki Mire from Stikli Mires Nature Reserve. Unexpected and informative was the visit to Klāņi Mire Nature Reserve, where it was possible to look at the rare plant species and habitats near Klāņi Lake. 

At the end of the seminar participants expressed the interest about similar events in the future and estimated as a success the restoration and conservation activities of Latvian raised bogs.


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Raised Bogs – LIFE08 NAT/LV/000449

Project duration: 01.02.2010.- 31.08.2013.
Funding: European Commission LIFE+ programme
Beneficiary: University of Latvia
Partners: Latvian Fund for Nature, Foundation ELM MEDIA
Co-funding: Ministry of the Environment of Latvia, Ltd. Rīgas meži

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