Aim of the project is to re-establish the active raised bog habitats and site hydrology in the areas that are influenced by drainage and to protect the raised bog habitats, plants and animals of European and Latvian importance.


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E3 Cooperation with LIFE+ projects, participation in study tours, seminars and conferences.


Cena Mire
Voldemārs Spuņģis is showing insects
Author: Aivars Slišāns


For the successful realisation of project that include practical active raised bog habitat restoration, monitoring the success of the habitat and bird management and also public awareness actions it is of high importance to know about the results of similar actions carried out within the other LIFE-Nature and LIFE+ projects in other European countries, like Germany, Denmark, UK, Belgium. It is also important to share the results of the project with other countries and learn the experience of other currently running LIFE projects.


Author: Māra pakalne


In 2010 project team visited Germany (June) and Wales (September) to get to know their expierence in raised bog conservation, as well as project was in the Field Symposium of the International Mire Conservation Group in Slovakia and Poland. In September LIFE team from Wales visited Latvian Raised Bog project team.



In 2011 project Raised Bogs was presented in 69th Scientific Conference of University of Latvia. On March 23rd Project Manager Dr.Biol. Māra Pakalne presented the Project in Informative Seminar about LIFE projects. Project Staff also participated in seminar in Rome. Project team visited other LIFE projects in Eastern Latvia in May. In June 13 raised bog specialists from Germany visited Latvian raised bogs. In August project team visited Estonian raised bogs.

In 2012 project visited Germany to participate in seminar about expierence in raised bog restoration.



Finansed by

Raised Bogs – LIFE08 NAT/LV/000449

Project duration: 01.02.2010.- 31.08.2013.
Funding: European Commission LIFE+ programme
Beneficiary: University of Latvia
Partners: Latvian Fund for Nature, Foundation ELM MEDIA
Co-funding: Ministry of the Environment of Latvia, Ltd. Rīgas meži

Project film "Mires Uncovered"





Exhibition "Secrets of Mires" is traveling around! It is made by Ogre Photo Club.